AT&T Executive Briefing Center

Immersive Executive Briefing Center in Dallas, Texas

  • 2016 - 2022
  • Studio: Intersection / Rare Volume
  • Partners / Client: RAA / AT&T
  • Role: Cinder Developer, Interactive Lead, Tech Support
  • Tech Used: Cinder/C++, Docker, Javascript, Scala, MacOs, Linux

In 2016, I joined Intersection (formally Control Group) to continue developing the interactive experience in AT&T’s Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Dallas, Texas. The EBC is a 26,000 square ft space dedicated to maintaining and expanding AT&T’s relationships with other enterprise businesses. As part of the experience is a docent led tour around the space that centers around a 4 sided cube, each side measuring at 10ft 3840x3240px screen. Each side represents a different topic along with supplemental interactive touchscreens.

When I started on this project, I served as the interactive and graphics developer for the Cube software, using C++. After 12 months, I became the technical lead for the project, which involved ideation and scoping additional graphics and interactive pieces for the space, coordinating tasks between developers, designers, QA, and DevOps engineers, and planning onsite deployments. Since active development slowed down, I’ve remained the sole developer in charge of any technical maintenance, including Cinder software updates, Middleware and CMS updates (Scala), docent remote updates (javascript), and general DevOps tasks (docker and linux maintenance).

ebc-zone 2