WarnerMedia Hudson Yards

Generative media system at Hudson Yards in NYC


At Rare Volume, we created multiple interactive and media experiences for WarnerMedia's New York headquarters in Hudson Yards.

In the main lobby, visitors are immediately immersed in a captivating display of WarnerMedia's content across 5 wraparound displays. To achieve this, we developed a custom generative visual system that unifies all types of content, regardless of their aesthetics or visual style.

Once the content manager uploads media and assigns it to the specific video playback area in the third-party CMS, our software handles the rest. I developed a python script that continually checks for media that has been scheduled to play in their main lobby or 35th floor sky lobby. The media is then downloaded and rendered to be able to play on a series of different screens, each with a specific resolution.

Our render software then uses Cinder to analyze videos to identify dominant hues and seamlessly composites them, along with brand logos and text, into a stunning particle system that creates an integrated visual experience based on AfterEffects comps from our designers.

The resulting videos are then uploaded to the CMS to be distributed to the playback machines throughout the office. Along with the videos are JSON files that define a playlist that orchestrates the timing and order of the videos to be played in our custom Cinder-based players.


The playback software enables to-the-second scheduling of numerous content modes, while an intelligent scheduling algorithm automatically arranges content, requiring minimal effort from staff. The content management system is web-hosted and easily accessible.


This realtime signage system is also implemented in the Sky Lobby, which features a dedicated canvas for a single show's behind-the-scenes footage, teaser scenes, and full-length trailers, as well as the Prow light sculpture and plaque interactive.